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About Us

Penn Summit has quickly become the agency of choice in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Built upon excellence and quality of service, we provide the same integrity of past generations and the personal interaction of the current generation.

Representing only financially and morally sound companies, we are proud to offer multiple lines of personal, commercial, farm, life, health and annuity insurance products.

Penn Summit Insurance Agency's goal is to provide our clients with the coverage they need at the most competitive rate.  Please
contact us for an insurance quote.


See what our clients are saying about us...


"Thank you for all your help and always providing excellent customer service." Kathleen- Grindstone PA


"I have been with Penn Summit Insurance Agency for a long time. They are an awesome group of ladies. They helped me get reasonable insurance when I had a few mishaps with my driving record." Jason- Uniontown PA


"Vonnie, Thank you for assisting me with my total insurance package (Home/farm, Auto, Offices, cabin, snowmobiles, boat and workers comp).  I have all of the material in the organized binder you provided and reviewed fully with me at the outset and I add the new declaration pages as time moves on and thus I can easily keep track of that information.  Although a few years have past since my initial engagement of Penn Summit for my insurance needs its nice to know that whenever we have talked periodically that you are monitoring the coverage and premium payments for the best possible options.  I appreciate that as I do not want to take the time and incur the hassle of "shopping" for coverage on my own.

Also,  thanks for promptly assisting me and keeping the ball rolling when I needed to file the claim relating to me dropping my copier off the truck when moving my law office.  That matter was resolved quickly and fairly and whenever I called the office you and the others I talked to were able to help.

On a final and different note, I appreciate the referrals you have made to my office greatly.  Its nice to know that you send business to the people that do business with you."  JK- Uniontown PA


 "Thanks for your time taken in our behalf.  I am so happy to have been referred to you and your services has been great!"  PM- Uniontown PA